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ERP Solutions

We offer ERP solutions that painlessly help you achieve the goal of continuous improvement in your daily operations.

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CRM Solutions

With small business CRM from shailani, you don’t have to buy contact manager software or spend money on special hardware to run it.

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Customized Software Solutions

Shailani utilizes a vast range of available technologies in order to better facilitate the custom software development and custom website design processes based on the requirements of our clients.

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E-Commerce Solutions

Moreover, our e-commerce development expertise covers consulting services and innovative unique projects development.

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Domain Registration and hosting

Domain name registration gives your company a name and address on the Internet. We can also transfer your domain name if you are currently hosting a web site.

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Website design & development

We design and develop websites that are creative, original and easy to navigate. We work closely with our customers.

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Software testing services

We help our clients, worldwide, to plan their test investments and manage critical testing processes to reduce the total cost of producing quality software.

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Desktop and Web Application

Providing you with a comprehensive and well integrated set of functionalities, we deliver more than just scalable business solutions.

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What People say about dnyanved

  • "सर्व ग्रंथप्रदर्शन फिरल्यावर जेवढी माहिती मिळेल तेवढी माहिती आपल्याला एका ज्ञानगंगा DVD मध्ये बघायला मिळते"

    - अतुल सानप.

  • "DVD is very informative. Mostly all required information is presented"

    - महेश पवार .

  • "त्यातून खूप काही शिकण्यास मिळाले. त्यामधून लहान लहान गोष्टी समजतात त्यामुळे आपणास भाषण अथवा इतर गोष्टी करणे सोपे होते"

    - डॉ.अमित अहिरे.

  • "अन्न, वस्त्र, निवारा या नंतर ज्ञान हि आपली ४ थी जीवनावश्यक गरज बनली आहे आणि ती पूर्ण करण्याचे काम तुम्ही करत आहात"

    - IT Expo 2013,Pune

  • "ज्ञानगंगा खूप छान डीव्हीडी आहे"

    - डॉ. समिद चिकाटे

  • "ज्ञानकोश DVD वापरली. ZP शाळेकरता चांगला उपयोग झाला"

    – सातपुते धनंजय सदाशिव.

  • "google चा छोटा भाऊ..."

    – अरुण बंडी.

  • "विश्वकोशापेक्षाही छान माहिती!"

    – व्ही.व्ही.भवारी.

  • "मी पूर्वी dnyanved CD घेतली होती. सामान्यज्ञानाच्या दृष्टीने व मुलांच्या ज्ञानवृद्धीसाठी खूप उपयुक्त CD मला खूप आवडली. Additional new version हि मी विकत घेतले"

    – अरुणकुमार उपाध्ये,सांगवी.

  • "Good and informative software, easy to use"

    - दीपाली सोनावणे.



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